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Amazon Honeycode cheat sheet

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A collection of scraps and code that I need to reference all the time. Amazon Honeycode, which is available in beta, is a fully managed service that allows customers to quickly build powerful mobile and web applications – with no programming required.

Any code example in this post has no warranty at all.

Returns true if the row is found. IsRef( )

=ISREF(FindRow(Tasks, "Tasks[Completed]=%", "Yes"))

Condition for conditional styling

=[Status]="Not done"

Filter a Column List or Stacked List based on a form field. Filter( )


In the same Honeycode form have a toggle for edit and read-only fields. Note this is not secure, just a workaround option Editing Individual Rows in a List Screen - toggle editable and visible - Community Discussions - Honeycode Help & Community